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Mike & Mike first met at the age of two in a South-London nursery and instantly became best of friends. Inseparable throughout their childhood, they continued at all of the same schools until they were eighteen-years-old when they finally parted ways for university.

Both Mikes have always loved doodling and creating, they are very talented guys, and that creativity needs an outlet. Taking their combined knowledge and skill, they decided to do something they could both nurture and take pride in. And so TheBritz was born!

Mike K


Both myself and Mike love art and enjoy expressing ourselves through drawing.

He’s the popular one, I’m the design freak! Always sketching, designing, and looking for crackingcrack・ing
1. Very good or impressive
This Usage:
“cracking” literally means “eye-catching”
scenery to take intersting photos of.

I have lived in Japan since 2004, and spent the first six years in the capital, Tokyo.

I love big-city living, enjoy architechture, neon signs, fashion… anything inspirational!

Mike P


We both share very similar skills and interests, so it can be difficult to tell us apart…

He’s the really tall one, I’m the computer geek! You might not expect it when we first meet, but be warned, under the bonnetbon・net
1. The hinged engine cover of a motor vehicle
2. A hat with no brim
This Usage:
“Under the bonnet” literally means “inside”
I’m a massive nerd.

I live in Japan, which is great fun and very different to the UK. I love travelling the World, eating strange and unusual foods, and meeting interesting people from all cultures.

about portrait
about portrait